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Disney, Walmart ,Target, Discovery Education, Panda Tree, AIG, Intel, Oracle, Pitney Bowes,, Slate Chase Credit Cards, Marvin Windows, Hawthorne Floors, Fiberon, Hawthorne Raised Flooring, Kimberly Clarke, Boise Cascade, Nutrition Smart, Family Flora, Arithmetic Skincare, Bio Oil, Bride Design, International Dating, Reality Fitness, Pet Supermarket, Gen 7 Pets, Calphalon Cookware, Farberware Ceramic Cookware, Kitchen Aid, O'Hare Airport, One World Trade Center, Sotheby's, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Guardian Insurance, AAA, Lexus, BMW, Champagne Pannier- France, Harbinger Theatre, Austin Ballet, Denver Zoo, Lexington Law Firm, RR Donnelly, Lockheed Martin, Procorolan, Zoetis, Eliquis, Medicity, Same Address- In Home Senior Care, Southern Tennessee Orthopedic and Spine Center- Joint Campaign, Hillcrest Healthcare System, National Nurses Appreciation Campaign, Cotivity, Akoonu Content Marketing, BCG Analytics, Xactware, Texas Department of Health- Full SNAP Campaign, Colorado Office of Resource Efficiency, Discovery Education, Panda Tree, LifeWay, My Brain Solution, Lifeistory, Patientco, Tap Genes, ManuTrain, EASE- Surgical Tutorial, Implantable Ports, Exclaim Health TV Portal, Daktronics Digital Advertising and Scoreboard Systems, Dub Labs, Zodiac, SNL Data, V Calc, Turbo Bridge -HD Audio Conferencing Exclusive Voice Prompt for the Company, CUBE Management Software, IVANS Insurance Solutions Portal

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National Brands

Upbeat, natural, knowledgeable, luxurious and sometimes a little sexy, Read with a knowing nod, a quick wit or a wry smile.

Clients Include: Disney Interactive, Intel, Walmart, Target, Slate Chase Credit Cards, Calphalon, Kitchen Aid, Farberware, Automobile Club of America, Fiberon, Marvin Windows, Discovery Education, Arithmetic Skincare, Bio Oil, and more….

Family Friendly

Keeping it real, friendly and fun.

Clients Include: Denver Zoo, Panda Tree, Rockademix, Discovery Education, Hawthorne Flooring, Print Releaf, Lifehistory, Austin Ballet, Gen 7 Pets, Pet Supermarket

Hip and Young

Reaching a younger consumer at their own level with an authentic style

Clients Include: Reality Fitness, International Dating, Konjac Sponge for Arithmetic Skincare Men’s line, BrideDesign and more….

Organic/Natural Products

To speak to the informed consumer- you need to KNOW the way they think- Susan understands the informed consumer because she shares their values.

Clients Include: Nutrition Smart, Arithmetic Skincare, Growing Domes, Family Flora and more…

Healthcare, Wellness

Believable and sincere/ Caring and reassuring... THATS what it takes.

Clients Include: Implantable Ports/ Lifeguard, Meritus Medical, Reality Fitness, My Brain Solution, Hillcrest Healthcare, National Nurse Appreciation Campaign, Tennessee Orthopedic and Spine Center, EASE Surgical Tutorial, Exclaim TV, LifeGuard, Hillcrest Healthcare, Cypress Village and more…

High End Luxury Products, Real Estate and the Arts

Susan delivers with a wide range of styles from warm, sultry and alluring- to hip and fresh.

Clients Include: Sotheby's International, One World Trade Center, Westin Resorts, O’Hare Airport, Pannier Champagne, Austin Ballet, Harbison Theatre, Lexus, BMW, International Dating, Bride Design, Bio Oil, Sage Hospitality and more…


Explainer - Corporate/Tech /Banking/Industrial

Smart, professional quality that is easy to understand- even with the most technical content. Whether a slow and focused read or a high-energy push that beams with enthusiasm- Susan delivers.

Clients Include: Intel, Slate Chase Credit Cards, Logitec, Oracle Mobile Cloud, Lockheed Martin, Zodiac, Cotivity (full Company Branding), BCG Analytics, Daktronics, Pitney Bowes, RR Donnelly, MEC Credit Union and more…

Explainer: Insurance, Healthcare

The voice of many insurance registration videos, and healthcare campaigns Susan brings an easy smile to professional content.

Clients Include: Procorolan, Medicity, Implantable Ports, Zoetis, Eliquis, Guardian Insurance, Liberty Mutual, Humana, Cotivity, Manutrain, Dub Labs, Tap Genes, Patientco, My Brain Solution, Southern Tennessee Orthopedic and Spine, Texas Department of Health- SNAP, Shriners Hospital National Campaign and more…

Documentary Film/ Awards and Presentations

Smooth, confident and pleasing- Susan is no stranger to on-camera parts as well as off camera narration.

Clients Include: Trine Films- The House, The Hand and The Hatchet- Odyssey of American Sculptor James Surls-Susan is On Camera Interviewer and narrative voice of the film, Georgia Tech IBB 20th Anniversary, AMIT Gala Event, Kimberely Clarke Annual Award Video, Eliquis Annual Meeting Awards Video, National Nurses Appreciation , University at Buffalo Medical Center and more….

E Learning/Tutorials and Education:

Clear, concise and professional delivery for adult learning and manuals. Natural, encouraging and smooth for children’s learning.

Clients Include: Discovery Education,  Panda Tree, Wisconsin Project- Weapons of Mass Destruction Training Manual, Implantable Ports, PatientCo, EASE Surgical Tutorial, Global Language, Providence Employee Manual, Cotivity Employee Manual, RR Donnelly, IVANS Employee Manual, SNAP Manuals, Xactware, CUBE Management Software, Akoonu Content Marketing, SNL Data,, BellHops, Five Star Development, Boise Cascade, Providence Employee Tutorial, Global Language Program, V Calc, My Brain Solution and more…

IVR Phone Systems: Warm, Inviting and Clear

Welcome your clients with a hip, sophisticated voice that delivers your message with warmth and grace.

Clients Include: Turbo Bridge-Voice for Telephone Conference System, Cotivity -Entire Company, IVANS Headquarters/ Remote Offices, CUBE Headquarters and more…


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